Jay Shaffer Photography

Ekker Butte

HDR Photo of a sunset at Ekker Butte from the Maze overlook, Canyonlands National Park. Utah, USA

Moon over Tower Arch

The moon over Tower Arch in Arches National Park Utah USA. iPhone 6 plus. PureShot App.

Trin Alcove Moon

The last splash of sunlight on the rocks of Three canyon in Utah USA

Lone Tree

A lone tree in the desert of Utah.

Balanced rock B&W

Balanced Rock with the La Salle Mountains.

Robber's Roost Dusk

Dusk on the rim rocks above Robber's Roost Canyon in Utah USA.

Dawn Snag

Dawn near High Spur in the Canyonlands of Utah USA

Dawn at the Maze Overlook. Canyonlands, Utah, USA

Sunrise from the Maze overlook in Canyonlands National Park.

Rob Cathedral

The Cathedral in Blue John Canyon, Utah, USA

BlueJohn Glow

Sunlit rock walls glowing in the famous Blue John slot canyon. Utah USA